Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A Thing of Beauty is Joy Forever, John Keats

It was early and sad day for me as  i was bidding my best friend her way back to her place after a blissful weekend over my place. I would have been sad the whole day if not i am welcomed by bright sunshine and overlooked all those beautiful scene of nature. Indeed nature are our true friend at times of  cloudy moods. Nature never fails to lighten and brighten my day. It has always been one important part of my life and i feel lucky to be born in Bhutan where environment are given utmost importance and it is one of the pillars of GNH. Hope you all will also enjoy some of the following pictures and find some solace and give some comfort to your hear.... Enjoy :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

people get frustrated and angry when someone they know do things without their knowledge for better opportunity, gain or for some financial advantages as they fear that they will loose the opportunity to gain something if they share information regarding the opportunity at hand though it is an open competition and will depend upon one's ability and knowledge but at the same time, what I don't understand is that the same person who is angry aginst his friend whom he feels that his friend cheated him for some minor gains will be doing the same thing at the end of day. Everyone wants to excel and gain and what I feel is that one shouldn't judge a person just because that person wanted to grab the opportunity for himself as he feels that after all those hard work, he deserves that. It's always wise to judge your position before you talk about someone's character because you will be doing the samething as that person...After all we are human being, we make mistakes, we are ambitious and we want to be the best but should know our limits.. So, be positive and contented with what life have offered you with because we never know whether we will wake up tomorrow or not and more over grumbling over small things is just a wastage of time, energy and our peace of mind. let others do their part as they wish....
It's just an observation around.... Good Day :)

Saturday, 18 October 2014

@ Blissful

A place where nature let me reconnect with my childhood@ Sangaygang, T/phu :)

Some#pictures#from#the#place#where# i # grew up# so close#lots# of#memories#childhood#<3 :)#

walking through the road once taken frequently after a decade....Feeling nostalgic but enjoying at the same time 

nature which connects to my childhood

a rare species of butterfly 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Being Thankful

It's human tendency to complain over every single thing in  life...We complain over not getting a work or a job to do but then when we actually get one, we complain about work over load and not getting a time to spend with our loved ones...We are humans and we will never be contented with what life have offered us with...We will complain if we are offered less and if we have more, we will complain and worry about why i am not getting little more than what i already have...It's human nature to always compare ourselves with some one better than us and get depressed thinking why i am not like  them or why it's always me who have to go through all those troubles and get job done only after going through all those troubles and hardships....We never try to look into brighter side of our life, never be thankful about who we are and where we are born...We always try to ignore  those people who are less fortunate than us and those who are living in poverty, sickness, and those people who are in war zones, always carrying fear within their heart that their life might end any time soon but if we look deep inside their life they are the happiest people on earth...They enjoy every moment of life, seize every opportunity of life to be happy and share their happiness and love...So, be happy and enjoy every moment of your life because we never know what beholds us in our future... Our life is like a dream...Only the present is your moment, Future is uncertain...So live your life and be happy.... SMILE :)

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Life is a test...

As I sit on tool nearby my friends bed in hospital comforting her and whispering a soothing words to ease her pain and anguish then I realize, how bad I am at those things. It is this kind of moments in our life which gives us an opportunity to reflect on our behaviour and the time when we have misbehaved and had been ungrateful to our loved ones who have tended us with love and care for many days and weeks when we were sick in hospital. Today here I am tending my friend who is hospitalised for flu and already it seems ages for me. Sleep is no where near as every few hour, another empty bed is occoupied with patients and at this very moment where the patient and the ones attending them are in deep sleep,I am still awake and wondering what they might be dreaming of because some might be discharged with the breaking of dawn, where as some still have another miles to struggle and a ray of hope in their heart to return home healthy and strong to be once again with their loved ones.i wish them good luck. Fingers cross for my friend and hopefully nothing severe comes on my friends report, so that we too can return home as soon as possible because it is a heart ache to see people suffering with pain and more over kids crying over pain and where parents are left helpless with tears on their eyes as they are one helpless creature as they cannot do anything to ease away pain from their child but can only pray and hope that their dear child gets well soon..i think I have many things to learn in life and many different phases in life which I am yet to go through and discover.
Every struggle is an opportunity to learn, to be strong and to grow.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


life of the enlighten one and how he sacrificed his life to quench the thirst and hunger of the female tigress who was on the verge of death after giving  birth to the three tiger cubs.
Lord Buddha along with his two brother’s in the forest when they come across with a mother Tigress thirsty and hungry after giving birth. Unbearable heart ache for Buddha when he sees the Tigress and over his own help less nature but he doesn't stop there but instead finds a solution to help those family and gives a chance to live a life. The only solution  was  to sacrifice his own life.

Buddha tearing his own flesh and blood to save  life of  the Tigress and her little ones.

Skeleton of  Buddha after offering his  life to the Tigress.
Offering to Buddha from the angels.

Nothing new and creative to post but some old but yet one  important part of our life. The selfless sacrifice of Buddha. A thought when every one is looking for their own benefit and opportunity to be the best  and an era when everyone is looking for their own self benefits, in the process forgetting the rights and wrongs.  

Saturday, 12 July 2014


A while ago,I met a stranger,
a stranger who gave me a nice smile..
a stranger who gave me comfort,
a stranger who gave me a shoulder to lean on,
a stranger who stood by me,while I was alone in the crowd of strangers..
A smile and comfort to my heart that sowed a special seed in my heart...
A seed of a friendship that flourish into strong,steady relationship...
A million thanks to my dear friends and also i would like to thank all those people who came along my life and played their role in my life... :) :)

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Thought for the day

I always wake up with a positive thoughts and try  to end the day with the same positive thoughts but the circumstances and surroundings makes it difficult  for me to focus on that and more over i am not enlightened one to ignore all those negative forces around...I am an ordinary human being and need to react on accordingly..hahah...As newton's third law states,"Every action has equal and opposite reaction"
sometime it feels good to react to what others say and do things the other way around...LOL. During this course of action their own reflection is reflected back on them  and they realize their own mistakes and try to work  on it. It feels good to know that your reactions create some impact on them.
sometime try this crazy method of mine because it really works as i always do and react like that rather then lamenting over those things that only brings confusions, misunderstanding and grief to oneself. :D

Saturday, 28 June 2014

There is no depressing moment in the world when you come to know that your friend listens to some one whom they have met not long time ago and sees you in fault when they no that they are the one who are at fault if the look deep inside their self conscience. It is true then that there exist such people in this world where they can Influence some one and create misunderstanding among friends. And I am not nog afraidto admit here that people who are smart,intelligent and well educated can fall prey to some unethical person. I should also must agree that what is shown in the daily soaps are not shown like that only..They must have researched throughly all the characters and made a story for people like us to be aware that all the characters exist around us all the time, only thing is that we don't realize it untill it hit us. Beware friends,people are changing fast and becoming cruel. :D

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Yet, again some more armature pictures of an armature photographer :D


Hope you all will have a nice time going through the picture and get a glimpse of my weekend...LOL

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Can we believe that there are some parents who leave their small kids on their own?

I was not able to believe when some of the villages folks (Trashigang, place where i am currently working) were sharing a story of two boys who are left on their own by their parents and the conditions the two boys where in. I never thought that parents could be so heartless to leave their boys all alone in a house and to do all the house hold chores on their own, starting from cooking, washing of cloth and going to school. The eldest brother is 12 and younger one is 9. At first i thought it's people's nature to gossip around and make big issue out of small things but i am left speechless when i actually went and saw with my own eyes the two little boys and their conditions. You can imagine for yourself how they must be living, it was very untidy and clothes and pots where in same place, flies buzzing in from every corner and empty buckets with thick black stains on it but luckily their grand mother have left them her old house to two boys. Upon asking about their parents, the elder brother was bit reluctant to answer at first but initially he opened up and told us that his mother is living in another dzongkhang and went with other man  while their father was posted in border area but their father though not married yet never visits them but sends some meager amount through their neighbors and calls sometime but according the boys it's almost a year or two now that they have seen their father and their  mother do visits them sometime but stays a night or two only. According to the neighbors, the elder brother is very understanding and mature that he looks after his younger brother, wake up early in the morning and prepares their own breakfast and lunch and then he ready himself and his brother for school and more over he is very good in nature and respects every people in his community that every one admires him and neighbors never refuses anything to him, be it in terms of rations or in monetary terms. The elder brother has gained love and affection of every village folks and every one believes that one day he will be a good human being, who will never hesitate to  help other   people as he himself is seeing the hardest at the very tender age where at this age most of the boys and girls will be playing and nagging their parents, he is shouldering a responsibility of a grown man, looking after his brother and buying rations and maintaing accounts of every single penny that he spends.  Hats off to him, "SINGYE". i could not imagine my self going through all those hardships and even to imagine for a second, in his place brings me goosebumps and heart ache.
I pray to almighty that all his wishes be fulfilled and not to be fall any misfortunes on him.
Recently me and my friend thought that we could not help more but in our own small way we have tried to help them by buying some books, some goodies and helping them in their studies and i must say, the elder brother is very bright and he has a creative mind too. He can really think out of the box and  bring in innovative ideas but on the other hand his little brother needs extra care.

Some people are blessed with everything and some they have to struggle every day to meet their ends needs and to come out of those hardship is the real winners at the end. (Y)..  Diamonds are not formed easily....

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Nature has it's own way to show it's beauty and it is upon individuals to decide and see the beauty of nature. Some find peace and solitude within the beauty of nature and for me away from my loved one's, the nature and surrounding within my reach has become my immediate family apart from my friends. For past one year i have grown more attached to  nature and loves spending time with nature and sometime talk aloud with the trees when i feel low and you  won't believe me how they comforts your  heart :) .... My fascination for nature grows more each day :D...
Here are some of  pictures i took along the way....Hope you all will enjoy??

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Day Dreaming

Thousands of thoughts jumbling on my mind every second but  the moment i try to concentrate on my thoughts, i am yet again miles away from those thoughts and get confused all over again, how i wish i could hold on to those thoughts and bring it into reality but it always goes a step further and vanishes when ever i try to hold onto. But i know i will never stop thinking and bringing in all those crazy thoughts because those thoughts keep me alive and keeps me moving ahead in my life. I have always been a day dreamer and at this very moment i am not sure of what i am writing and thinking too. In front of me is my computer screen and my hand on my keyboard but my thoughts are all jumbled up and i really i can't make out one specific thought. Gosh! I am day Dreaming again :D ;)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Blessing in disguise :)

I have always envied those people who can write beautifully and have the ability to enchant People through their writings and i am always awestruck with all those people who  can easily write any verse with anything that crosses their path. I came across many enthusiastic bloggers in Bhutan whom i follow regularly and now it has become my daily ritual to see whether there  are new updates or not. Each bloggers have their on take on life and writing style from which i learn different things each day. Thanks to all those enthusiastic and eminent bloggers who have inspired me to have a blog of my own blog where i could at least try to write and improve on my writing skills and vocabulary through their comments and suggestions. I love reading books though there is no specific genre. The main reason for having a blog of own is due to my lost diary.I have been maintaining a diary to pen down my feelings but never had the courage to maintain online diary but recently i lost my diary and lost all my memorable scarps along with that diary :( ... Finally after thinking over for a long time i came to a conclusion that from now on i will maintain online diary and share my scraps with my family and friends. I think i will stop here as i am not sure of what i am writing or before it become unbearable with all those nonsense of mine because once it starts to flow it never ends. Hopefully i can write better next time :D... Until then take care and happy blogging my dear friends.

P.S. I would like to thank my cousin sister, we call her Ashim Zangko for introducing me to the blogging world and the first link that she shared with me was Mr. Sogyel Tobgyel's blog and from there i was introduced to many bloggers across the country :)... Thanks a million Ashim :) 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Instability and Uncertainty of Human moods

People tend to show their aggression through their behavioral acts, they fail to do something and in turn show their temper to others. I am  going through this situation every day and people tend to be happy only if we stay below them all the time and if at times if we try to show our temper and knowledge then hell, people are not happy that we know more or going against what is wrong. They never acknowledges their lacking but instead starts showing their frustrations to us or to other subordinates. It is high time that people should change their attitude and acknowledge others efforts and hard work.
 There was a time when people were happy to help each other and are happy with the success of others and are ever ready to share the knowledge, success, failures and sadness as one's own, but gone are are those days where every one helped each other. Now a days we can rarely see those kind of kindness and unity among people...Sadly, what left now is the greed and hunger to strive one's own selfishness, to be on top by any means and to do and get more than others....
The essence of GNH is slowly fading from the country where it was born(BHUTAN) :(

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Random cliks of an amateur photographer

Clicked randomly  on the way of my everyday life...some brought me smile#inner peace#a thing to admire#a passion to learn#an inspiration to grow stronger#a lesson to go on#what ever may be the circumstances#