Sunday, 20 July 2014

Life is a test...

As I sit on tool nearby my friends bed in hospital comforting her and whispering a soothing words to ease her pain and anguish then I realize, how bad I am at those things. It is this kind of moments in our life which gives us an opportunity to reflect on our behaviour and the time when we have misbehaved and had been ungrateful to our loved ones who have tended us with love and care for many days and weeks when we were sick in hospital. Today here I am tending my friend who is hospitalised for flu and already it seems ages for me. Sleep is no where near as every few hour, another empty bed is occoupied with patients and at this very moment where the patient and the ones attending them are in deep sleep,I am still awake and wondering what they might be dreaming of because some might be discharged with the breaking of dawn, where as some still have another miles to struggle and a ray of hope in their heart to return home healthy and strong to be once again with their loved ones.i wish them good luck. Fingers cross for my friend and hopefully nothing severe comes on my friends report, so that we too can return home as soon as possible because it is a heart ache to see people suffering with pain and more over kids crying over pain and where parents are left helpless with tears on their eyes as they are one helpless creature as they cannot do anything to ease away pain from their child but can only pray and hope that their dear child gets well soon..i think I have many things to learn in life and many different phases in life which I am yet to go through and discover.
Every struggle is an opportunity to learn, to be strong and to grow.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


life of the enlighten one and how he sacrificed his life to quench the thirst and hunger of the female tigress who was on the verge of death after giving  birth to the three tiger cubs.
Lord Buddha along with his two brother’s in the forest when they come across with a mother Tigress thirsty and hungry after giving birth. Unbearable heart ache for Buddha when he sees the Tigress and over his own help less nature but he doesn't stop there but instead finds a solution to help those family and gives a chance to live a life. The only solution  was  to sacrifice his own life.

Buddha tearing his own flesh and blood to save  life of  the Tigress and her little ones.

Skeleton of  Buddha after offering his  life to the Tigress.
Offering to Buddha from the angels.

Nothing new and creative to post but some old but yet one  important part of our life. The selfless sacrifice of Buddha. A thought when every one is looking for their own benefit and opportunity to be the best  and an era when everyone is looking for their own self benefits, in the process forgetting the rights and wrongs.  

Saturday, 12 July 2014


A while ago,I met a stranger,
a stranger who gave me a nice smile..
a stranger who gave me comfort,
a stranger who gave me a shoulder to lean on,
a stranger who stood by me,while I was alone in the crowd of strangers..
A smile and comfort to my heart that sowed a special seed in my heart...
A seed of a friendship that flourish into strong,steady relationship...
A million thanks to my dear friends and also i would like to thank all those people who came along my life and played their role in my life... :) :)

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Thought for the day

I always wake up with a positive thoughts and try  to end the day with the same positive thoughts but the circumstances and surroundings makes it difficult  for me to focus on that and more over i am not enlightened one to ignore all those negative forces around...I am an ordinary human being and need to react on accordingly..hahah...As newton's third law states,"Every action has equal and opposite reaction"
sometime it feels good to react to what others say and do things the other way around...LOL. During this course of action their own reflection is reflected back on them  and they realize their own mistakes and try to work  on it. It feels good to know that your reactions create some impact on them.
sometime try this crazy method of mine because it really works as i always do and react like that rather then lamenting over those things that only brings confusions, misunderstanding and grief to oneself. :D