Thursday, 12 February 2015

Follow your dreams

It's always better to follow your dream and do what you are best at and passionate about. Following your dreams and doing the things that interest you most  will not be regretful in your life but instead you might realize that what you did and followed was absolutely right at some point of your life. When you become more mature in age you will realize that handsome salary and position doesn't bring any satisfaction in your life rather some unfulfilled feeling and emptiness within. Before it's too late, do things your way, you might be criticize on the way and people might think you are crazy but at the end of the day who cares about others but only one thing, that is contentment and satisfaction at the  end of the day. Thousand miles to cover before i achieve what i really want in my life but nothing can stop me to do what i want. I will go on for ever until i achieve that contentment in life. 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Circumstances are the best teacher to a person. People become more mature and understanding only after one goes through such situation. For a person to grow and become more mature and understanding, one need's to go through all kind of situations, good and bad time. I have learned to be independent and take my own decision only after i graduated from college and was placed far away from my dear parents. When i reflect back to by past two years, i think i have grown more mature and understanding more than i was back then before i took the bold decision to work faraway from my family and friends. For a while i regretted over my decision but as one of my friend use to say what ever happens, happens for a reason and i think it's true now because i have learned a  lot in this past two years being away from my parents. I appreciate you two even more my dear parents for all those  you have done to us and always showering us with your love and affection and fulfilling our never ending demands, i could't imagine how you two have managed to give us the best in life as i am left to do things on my own now and struggling every to put things on right track, which usually fails and even a thought scares me to think of me being a parents and to do all those that you two have done to us. I will remain alone without my own family apart form you all for life...LOL....
Jokes apart,  I have learned how unnecessary it was on my part to complain to my dear mom when i didn't get my things in the right place and moreover complain over food but now i understood how much hard work she might have done to get our (me and siblings ) demands fulfilled  and everything on right place and time. She never demands anything but only to see her family happy and contented. I couldn't thank enough to my parents for always being there as my support system. Everyday i get to realize one thing or the other when i have to go through all those social demands and work on my own, starting from buying a salt to socializing with the other people which is my weakest part but i am improving on that which is a positive sign and credit goes to my room mate who can get along very easily with others and in the process i am taking in some ways and means to get along and hopefully, one day i can manage to make new friends on my own and socialize freely :D. I am growing every day and learning everyday and of late i have learned to travel alone which use to be my night mare. There is more to learning and it will continue to do so until one parts form their soul...

Keep learning :)