Monday, 19 January 2015

Being thankful to you my sister

I know i will never be able to say what i feel about you my dear sister. All though you are younger than me but you have always been bit wiser, stronger and a little more mature than me in all sense. Today, i just wanted to thank you for being there with me in my high and low and above all giving me strength  to go on while i am in a state where i am not able to decide what to do about my life ahead. You are one person in my life who know me better than myself and always having a positive a take on life, even when everything seems dark and hollow. You know how to come out of that moment and brighten the lives around you. You are a person with positive energy and always consoling my heart by saying " what ever happens, happens for a reason and every individuals are born in this world with a special reason and should take everything whether good or bad with open arms as it is a test that the almighty bestows upon us to see how we handle the situations and come out victorious. You know life is like a movie where we are the actors and writes as well and it is upon us whether to make it a blockbuster or flop one". When ever i feel low and miss you i always remember your words which immediately brightens my mood and once again thank you  dear for always bearing with my nonsense. I promise from now on that i will try to sort out my own problems and keep you away from my pessimistic thoughts but to only share good memories and thoughts with you and make good memories ahead and act more like a elders sister to you. I will always pray and wish you loads of happiness and success come your way and never ever a ray of cloud come to your life. You are a caring and supportive by nature and i hope you be like this always and wish you good luck in your new environment and i am sure you will never give your fellow colleagues and seniors a reason to blame you with your work. Good Luck !!

To have a loving relationship with a sister
is not simply to have a buddy or a confident-
it is to have a soul mate for life.
-Victoria Secunda

We are much more than a sister, we are soul mates.
Hope our relationship grows even more stronger with each passing day and understand even more better with growing maturity and age.
You will always be in my heart forever and ever my dearest sister, youngest in the family but much older by her sensibility than her two older siblings...Loads of <3   

Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Scenery

Blooming beautifully regardless of harsh weather in Thimphu @ home

Mr. Willow

Friday, 9 January 2015

Comparing one's life with others always brings one dissatisfaction and unhappiness in one's life. Of late, I have been bit stressed and one thing or other is always going through my mind all the time and it feels that all the bad things and sadness have befallen upon me. I get irritated easily on small issues, comparing my work with others and it seems that all the people are happy and enjoying life except me but never realized that my stress and unhappiness is only because of my own unnecessary comparison with others. I always see other people having little more happiness and peace in life than me. After much debate with my heart and brain, realization came to me that my stress is nothing compared to what's happening around me everyday when I try to see out of my own distress. What was happening was I was giving myself a chance to compare myself with other's and let the root of unhappiness grow within but learned lesson little late but not too late... Important lesson I learned, root cause of one's unhappiness, dissatisfaction, stress and defeated feeling is comparing one self with other's. Never comapre yourself because we are different individuals with different potentials. "No more Comparison".. If it is meant for you then it will happen by any means and no external force can stop that but if it is not then you should learn to accept it, rather making comparison...cheers :)