Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Blessing in disguise :)

I have always envied those people who can write beautifully and have the ability to enchant People through their writings and i am always awestruck with all those people who  can easily write any verse with anything that crosses their path. I came across many enthusiastic bloggers in Bhutan whom i follow regularly and now it has become my daily ritual to see whether there  are new updates or not. Each bloggers have their on take on life and writing style from which i learn different things each day. Thanks to all those enthusiastic and eminent bloggers who have inspired me to have a blog of my own blog where i could at least try to write and improve on my writing skills and vocabulary through their comments and suggestions. I love reading books though there is no specific genre. The main reason for having a blog of own is due to my lost diary.I have been maintaining a diary to pen down my feelings but never had the courage to maintain online diary but recently i lost my diary and lost all my memorable scarps along with that diary :( ... Finally after thinking over for a long time i came to a conclusion that from now on i will maintain online diary and share my scraps with my family and friends. I think i will stop here as i am not sure of what i am writing or before it become unbearable with all those nonsense of mine because once it starts to flow it never ends. Hopefully i can write better next time :D... Until then take care and happy blogging my dear friends.

P.S. I would like to thank my cousin sister, we call her Ashim Zangko for introducing me to the blogging world and the first link that she shared with me was Mr. Sogyel Tobgyel's blog and from there i was introduced to many bloggers across the country :)... Thanks a million Ashim :) 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Instability and Uncertainty of Human moods

People tend to show their aggression through their behavioral acts, they fail to do something and in turn show their temper to others. I am  going through this situation every day and people tend to be happy only if we stay below them all the time and if at times if we try to show our temper and knowledge then hell, people are not happy that we know more or going against what is wrong. They never acknowledges their lacking but instead starts showing their frustrations to us or to other subordinates. It is high time that people should change their attitude and acknowledge others efforts and hard work.
 There was a time when people were happy to help each other and are happy with the success of others and are ever ready to share the knowledge, success, failures and sadness as one's own, but gone are are those days where every one helped each other. Now a days we can rarely see those kind of kindness and unity among people...Sadly, what left now is the greed and hunger to strive one's own selfishness, to be on top by any means and to do and get more than others....
The essence of GNH is slowly fading from the country where it was born(BHUTAN) :(

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Random cliks of an amateur photographer

Clicked randomly  on the way of my everyday life...some brought me smile#inner peace#a thing to admire#a passion to learn#an inspiration to grow stronger#a lesson to go on#what ever may be the circumstances#