Friday, 4 September 2015

Is it really right!

Is this really happening in our country????
On 1st September,2015 , 42 employees of Royal Education Council and Centenary Institute of Education , Youenphula was issued a notice stating that their services with the organization will be discontinued from 1st October, 2015 without any prior notice. All employees were shocked to receive such notice and they didn’t expect that they will be issued with such short notice as they were employed on regular bases through open competition. Some of the employees were former civil servants and they were asked to resign from their parent organization if they were to join Royal Education Council and Centenary Institute of Education. They did so because firstly it was autonomous organization and saw bright future for their career ahead. Millions where spend on HRD development,  further Centenary Institute of Education was established to train in-service teachers and many where recruited from ministry of education and were sent for masters program. They were promised then that by the time they return from their studies, a fully establish institute will be established with world class facilities, on their return only thing they have to do is to do their job that is to teach in-service teachers from MOE, equip them with Professional skills to improve quality of education in our country. But on their return what they found was, an institute struggling to gain its legal status and some old renovated infrastructure left behind by army but they were not demotivated with such environment and infrastructure facilities, instead what they did was, they took their responsibility, did what they were supposed to do. Some staffs went to nearby schools as volunteer teachers and faculty took professional development programs on wheels without much of financial implications to the organization. People were doing all this for last 3 years. But now they were rewarded with notification that their services will be discontinued.”Interesting” Human recourses and the amount spend on developing professionals are all wasted as of now.  Concerned authorities are pointing figures at each other. No one is ready to take the blame as everyone is following one another’s directives but in the processing creating disharmony in the lives of 42 employees and their families.
Still there remain some unanswered questions:

1. What is the future for these 42 employees whose services will be discontinued from next month, who is responsible for them???
2. Where will they seek justice?
3. Was the merger between the then DCRD and REC, just in name?
4. Was it done intentionally?
5. The pledge of decreasing unemployment rate is fulfilled???
6. The Officiating Director of REC said on national television that they cannot take in 42 employees of old REC as they are not civil servant but still the question is, was the concerned officials not aware before the merger that Royal Education Council is an autonomous agency and the employees are not civil servant. How can they not see such implications before the merger?
7. Is there some politics involved in the merger of two, REC and DCRD?

Does anybody have the right to discontinue the services of the people who worked with full dedication towards the organization and is it fair on them to issue a notice to them stating that from next month you will be out of your job without any mention of prior benefits and compensations? It  seems as if people were working on temporary bases, whenever you are not needed you  need to go but even on such case there are certain laws that need to be followed but in this situation people were issued direct notice. It seems that decision to lay-off employees were taken informally on July this year during council meeting chaired by PM and some other cabinet ministers but employees were kept in darkness until now. For now employees are shocked and frustrated as they are not sure to whom they should look upon for help.

P.S. It’s personal opinion.

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